A Quick Run Through Some Things From Years Gone

I’ve left it longer than usual between posts. Call it lockdown negativity perhaps! To get me back into it I thought I’d do a quick list of things we no longer hear or see. Most of these have been covered in previous posts at other times. It’s a brief resume.



Vintage 1950s Knitting Pattern Women's Twin Set Sweater image 0



How To Wear Ascots & Cravats The Elegant Way — Gentleman's Gazette



Push-button ignition

Indicators which stuck out

Trafficators - Wikipedia

Gear change on the steering column

Handbrakes in the dashboard

Bench seats in the front


Reel to reel tape recorders

Grundig TK14 restored tube tape recorder from 1961-63 | Tape recorder, High  school memories, School memories


Rare vintage retro Ferguson Radiogram 50s 60s side | 60s retro furniture,  Retro vintage, Retro


Rotary whisk

Egg beater  Vintage 50s 60s fully working kitchen appliance  image 0

Soda syphon

Vintage Retro Breweriana - CWS/Co-Op Acid Etched Soda Water Syphon - Circa  1950s

Camp coffee




ink | Childhood Memories of growing up in the 1950s and 1960s.

Blackboards and chalk

The cane


The test card

405 Alive - Information - TV Test Card Music


The National anthem at closing time

Presenters smoking pipes and cigarettes


Loose groceries weighed out on scales into paper bags

Photo of Beamish Museum; Inside the sweet shop. | Shop interior design, Shop  interior, Shopping

Sweet cigarettes

Candy cigarette - Wikipedia

As always, credit to Google Images and Wikipedia. I make every effort to ensure that i don’t infringe copyright. If anyone objects to my use of any image, contact me and I will remove it.

19 thoughts on “A Quick Run Through Some Things From Years Gone

  1. Can remember all of the items shown in the latest edition,sadly that includes getting the cane at school,afar cry from being made milk monitor at junior school 😊

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  2. Their were indeed, I can remember a boy in my class who was caned in front of the whole class including his twin sister until he cried ,the teacher smiled ,sent him to sit down until it became evident that his hand was bleeding.apparently to break the skin was illegal ( the difference I guess between child chastisement and child abuse)

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    • My ex-husband went to a convent boarding school at a very young age and said some of the nuns were vicious. One of my sister’s teachers used to hit kids on the head with his board-backed register. My sister’s nose poured with blood after one such attack. He never hit her again. We could go on, I’m sure!!


  3. Oh, goodness! When I was in fifth grade, we had a teacher who had taken a instant dislike to one of the boys. She would make him come to the head of the class, where she would put him over a desk and beat him with a yardstick. One day she wailed on him so hard the yardstick broke. She then sent another boy over to Champlain Chevrolet to get another yardstick. Needless to say, I developed school phobia with a convenient stomach ache that never went away.

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  4. Went to a well known grammar school In woodwork our punishment if we made mistakes was to run a gauntlet of fellow pupils wielding lengths of timber from the scrap box.
    He would probably get arrested if he was teaching today

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