Merry Christmas from the 1950s.


Merry Christmas to all my readers and followers. Like most people at this time of year, I’m rushed off my feet just now but I thought I’d just put a few memories here for those of us from the 1950s and 60s.

There will be a full post some time in January. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

Image result for 1950s christmases uk"     Image result for 1950s christmases uk"


Image result for 1950s advent calendar"      Image result for 1950s selection box"


Advent calendars didn’t have chocolate in them and were used year after year. The big sweet treat was the selection box. Not to be eaten all on one day!


Image result for 1950s christmases uk"      Image result for billy smarts circus on tv"

The Queen’s speech and Billy Smart’s circus on TV – two absolute musts for Christmas Day in the UK!


Scalextric, Lines Bros Ltd, England, 1963 copyright Victoria and Albert Museum    Image result for hug a bug babies 1950s doll uk"

Image result for 1950s toys uk" Image result for 1950s toys uk"


Some of the toys we might have been brought by Father Christmas – we didn’t know him as Santa back then.





7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from the 1950s.

  1. My immed. ‘que in’..was the strands of what were ..originely aluminum ..hanging strands..or lead foil. Not a chemist here..but i remember us buying the box full..then my job was to carefully ..separate out the strands..for hanging on the boughs. Maybe in the late 50s..they switched to a plastic film..which was not toxic. If i pour my mind..back into the opening of packages, wrapping paper..i can feel the sturdyness of the cardboard packaging. The wrapping paper..was thicker also. The fire was going..and the living room..warm..and thus the tree..gave out a magical..foresty smell. Yuppers..those were magic times, and sharing times. This holiday..we were in travel mode..with the 85..he has a smaller circle of relatives/friends..up in his home stomping grounds..about 4 hours away..on the columbia river. First time we had gotten him back a all just gathered at the home place, with the youngest son..coming down from his almost 4 hour trip,,from seattle area. He retrieved the hidden key..and by the time we had arrived from the south..he had the heat the swedish stove, the vaccuuming done..and his meal portions..spread out for..dealing with. A cousin had put out a holly and fir wreath..on the walkway..from the water front boat docks. The eldest son..who drove us the bedrolls, the next layer of cooking pots/pans..and food stuffs..out..and my cooky tins..made it in the thaw from the weeks of baking..earlier. Indeed all..merry christmas.. joyful holidays of whichever and yours..celebrate..and..let’s each work on reaching a few more show..what kindness..can heal..divides. For me..i have a chk. soon to mail to the in our area…for a membership. I am also..going to spread the word in the expat in area..that we have the only tree..poss. in oregon..that grows a tree..called a ‘medlar’. It produces an almost prehistoric fruit..which must be ‘bletted’..before you can enjoy it. Turkish and such close lands..grow them. I have heard that we do have people who now live in oregon..for whom this fruiting tree..will return a home them. So..the word has gone out..and we will make sure that the folks who can eat/bake..with them..will be ready for next years harvest. In our hearts..we are hoping for a white house kinder, gentler, actually educated space. ina

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    • What a wonderful message, Ina. Your Christmas gathering in your husband’s home area sounds lovely, with everyone pulling together to make it memorable. I have heard of the medlar and I believe it is grown here in the UK but not commonly. I’ve never heard the expression ‘bletted’. I always enjoy your comments so much! Meryl


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