Where did they go? Part 2

Once I started thinking about words, phrases, items and brands which have disappeared from use since the 1950s, I kept remembering more and more!

Some of the sweets and chocolates which have gone are Spangles, Bar Six, Tiffin (my favourite!), Five Boys and Fruit Polos.


As for clothes, does anyone remember wearing a Liberty Bodice? It was an extra warm button through vest which most children wore all winter when I was little. As girls rarely wore trousers in those days, winter wear was a warm skirt or pinafore dress in wool or corduroy. Kilts were extremely popular and for the very young they had straps like the one in the photo. Disappeared brands I recall – Cherub and Ladybird clothes. Birthday, Start-Rite and Tuf shoes.                     

The golliwog is an extinct toy now for all the right reasons. However, in the politically incorrect days of my childhood, they were very popular toys. Robertson’s Jam’s golly badges were extremely collectible! To the children of the times a golly was a colourful soft toy and completely innocent. Many of the toy cars my brother, sister and I played with were Dinky Toys. They were made by Mecca I’ve discovered when researching for this post. Now that’s another toy brand which has disappeared!


One last food memory – who remembers rissoles, faggots and spam fritters?

5 thoughts on “Where did they go? Part 2

  1. My older sister had a liberty bodice, but I don’t ever remember wearing one. I did wear little pleated skirts – they came with plain scoop necked and sleeveless cotton bodices, rather than braces. And yes – I remember rissoles. As kids we loved them, and when I was on holiday in Brisbane with friends a few years back we saw rissoles on a pub food lunch menu and were most excited! Faggots are a mystery to me, and we never ate spam – I don’t think people in NZ did, though I have seen tins of it in supermarkets.


    • I love hearing that other countries had the same things. As for Spam – it’s a luxury in South Korea! In supermarkets there is barely anything recognisable and NO English words anywhere but then you see Spam in gift packs. A legacy from the Korean War maybe?
      Thanks for the comment!

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  2. I had to wear a liberty bodice at primary school in the winter, and I had completely forgotten that’s what they were called! Mine were just like very warm vests. I don’t remember wearing them at home but I probably did.
    I had a golliwog and hated it, made my dad put it in a cupboard in the basement and didn’t want to even look at it. I think I ‘knew’ at the time that there was something wrong with it. I used to feel the same way about the black and white minstrel show, always seemed somehow wrong to me.


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