Sweets, Chocolates and Biscuits.

All children love sweet things. The fact that we didn’t have them all the time (mum was fussy about our teeth, money wasn’t plentiful, we didn’t live near any shops) made them even more of an attraction. When Nana came to live with us, she started giving us 6d each on a Saturday morning. We would either walk the mile to the village shop to buy sweets or, if Dad was working on Saturday morning, we would go in the car with him to the town and spend it there.

As well as the packets and bars, some of which are shown here, there were the large glass jars with loose sweets in which were weighed out in 4oz portions into a paper bag. If you bought 2oz, the paper bag was triangular. Some loose sweets I remember
– aniseed balls, barley sugar, Everton Mints and pineapple chunks.


I remember there often being a sugar mouse poking out of the top of my Christmas stocking.

The biscuits I remember being offered most often when out for tea are – Nice biscuits, those horrid pink wafer ones, custard creams, Bourbon and ginger nuts. Cadbury’s chocolate fingers were strictly for birthday parties!

11 thoughts on “Sweets, Chocolates and Biscuits.

  1. Nowadays “sweets” are all over the place. Children can just swing a magic wand and boom…it’s there in the cookies, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, ice creams even soups! Sweets help to get my kids excited and energized especially when it is a promise waiting to be harvested after doing a few chores or a snack to help complete a school home work quickly…Anyways, even i like sweets but we all try not to overdo it. Great job.


  2. What a great blog! Those old ads for sweets really bring back memories. I used to long for Mars Bars, because I saw them advertised in English kids’ magazines like School Friend, Girl, and Eagle. But Mars Bars weren’t available here in NZ. Then Cadbury brought out a Moro bar, and later Mars appeared. Alas, they tasted pretty much like Moros. There must have been a sub-culture of Mars-cravers here, because a number of people said the same. Oh, the power of advertising!


    • Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Triggering readers’ memories is exactly what I wanted to achieve with this blog. It’s great to hear about the same era in a different part of the world – and to read about the Moro bar! I agree, the Mars bar is unrivalled. The Milky Way – did you have them then or now? – is a wishy-washy, characterless bar compared to the Mars. Meryl


      • We did have Milky Way bars, but they never caught my fancy. I miss the old Fry’s Mint Truffle – do you remember them? I sometimes see Fry’s Orange Creme and Mint Creme here, but the Truffle seems gone for good.
        I sent a link to your blog to a friend, and she remembers having Lucozade mixed with orange juice when she was ill. I don’t think we ever had any, but I saw the ads in English magazines, and was very curious about it.


      • I remember Fry’s Chocolate Creme which had white mint cream stuff inside and was yummy. It had five segments. Might be the same mint one you knew with a different name? I’ve never tried Lucozade with orange juice but sounds intriguing! Meryl


  3. Me again. I still see the Fry’s bar with the mint cream filling here, but the Mint Truffle bar was different. It had a solid filling that looked like fudge, but was mint flavoured. It was part of the same range, but I haven’t seen one for ages.

    I’ll have to check out more of your posts – you’ll be thinking my childhood was all about sweets! Like you, we didn’t get that many. I remember aniseed balls – they were a bargain at about 5 for a penny.

    Ginger nuts were (and still are) very popular here, and my grandmother used to buy wine biscuits – plain sweet biscuits that go well with a cup of tea. They’re tastier than Nice biscuits.


    • Oh, I loved aniseed balls! And pear drops. No, we didn’t have that mint truffle one (or maybe it didn’t reach Wales!). I’ve never known wine biscuits either but they sound a bit like our Rich Tea biscuits – much better than Nice biscuits! Thanks for sharing your memories. I love to hear them. Meryl


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    • Thanks for your lovely comments!! I absolutely love your blog, it’s always meaningful and thought-provoking. I must do this blog-sharing thing, I have several I follow which all deserve a mention – yours being the top of my list! Meryl


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