What we wore – some more thoughts and images.

First, a disclaimer.  All images used are freely available on the Internet. If, however, I have infringed copyright please inform me and the offending picture will be removed.


As can be seen in this photo, girls’ dresses were more or less smaller versions of what their mums wore. 


Notice the boy’s inevitable short back and sides with side parting.


A girl in my primary school had a rabbit cardigan just like this knitted in red and white.  When it became too small for her, her mum cut the sleeves above the elbow to make it bolero style. 


Yes, I had outfits just like this!

Puff sleeves, gingham, seersucker, Broderie Anglaise trim with ribbon threaded through, sashes tied at the back, pockets – some of the things I remember from summer dresses of the day.   


A pattern which could be adapted to make a day dress, a party dress, a skirt and top, all with a choice of collar styles. Notice the trousers. They weren’t common and were known as ‘slacks’. They were definitely not worn for school.

4 thoughts on “What we wore – some more thoughts and images.

  1. I never no the rule with infringement / copyright. I think most of the time if you either link the photo or show the link to the original source it’s ok.

    SO fun looking at the fashion of yore!


  2. I love this post, and the one before. I think I wore all these clothes! Especially the knitted cardigan. My mother was an ace knitter and dressmaker. I don’t think I word shop-bought until I was a teenager!


    • I think it was only coats, shoes and underwear which was shop bought. One year my mum even knitted us all swimming costumes. The colours ran in the sea and they became ver heavy when wet and dragged down – but we loved them! My sister still has hers saved.


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